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Sunday, July 3, 2011

What Remains Is the Work

My latest video is up. I apologize for the film noir lighting—I’ll not try that set-up again. I also apologize for the sour unison notes in Guardame. For some reason, I decided to change my strings shortly before I made the video. (What was I thinking?)

You’ll see and hear the three scale excerpts I use during my right hand alternation session. Something you’ll notice during the Drewries excerpt are the occasional dropped notes. This is when a finger swings and misses, particularly on the third and fourth strings. Perhaps you recall this from my May 1 post:
 “By the way, string crossing is often portrayed as a big deal in learning fast right hand alternation. I suspect, however, that it’s not nearly the hassle it’s made out to be.”
Well, apparently string crossing is an issue, at least for me. I’m making a greater effort to snap my fingers more directly and sharply, and to ensure my hand is correctly placed as I cross from string to string.

Next week I’ll take stock of where I am. Now entering my seventh month, I’m disappointed with my progress so far. I can only say that my right hand feels better. But the playing is the thing, and it’s not impressive. It seems that all I have to say has been said, and what remains is the work. The work, however, should be productive. If it isn’t, then maybe I should be saying—and doing—something else.

——[My next update will be July 11, 2011]——

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